Citing Taiwan military experts, a report in China's social media said China's latest aircraft carrier 002 will conduct its first maritime navigation trial in the near future around the Spring Festival and will be delivered to the Navy in 2020. It said progress in the mooring tests that are currently under way has been reported to be very smooth. It said during the mooring test the 002 aircraft carrier conducted an important part of the dynamic test to achieve independent domestic aircraft carrier engine power operation. Power system verification is the most basic aircraft carrier must pass a pass. Subsequent mooring tests, it said, are aimed at repeatedly testing and verifying complex electronic machinery related systems such as combat command, communication, navigation and sensing installed in this stage. It said before delivery to the Navy, the 002 aircraft carrier has to carry out the final step: sea trials, will be in real operation at sea to check whether the aircraft carrier to meet the overall requirements of customers, and ultimately delivered to the Navy to implement force tests.Pointing out that aircraft carriers generally have as many as one or two years of sea trials, it cited as examples France's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier which is the country's first-class medium-sized nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and took 4 years for sea trials and that sea trials of US carriers take about two years. In contrast, China's latest aircraft carrier 002 was launched in April and took only 10 months to enter the sea trial, which is roughly half the construction time of a foreign aircraft carrier of its class. It said since the 002 aircraft carrier is being locally produced in Liaoning Province, so it will save time in areas such as construction, selection of materials, specific processing technology and other issues.It said there is not much significant difference between this and the other aircraft carriers and, at present, only the phased array radar and other systems have been changed. It expected some improvements in the operational command and other electronic systems.

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