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China builds the Tibet’s largest city complex in Lhasa

China Tibet Online, April 22, 2014

China has started constructing the 2.3 billion “Zhongtai City Plaza” on April 18 in Lhasa’s Liuwu New District. According to Chinatibetnews.com, the Plaza will have shopping malls, pedestrian streets, office buildings and business hotels for customers in and outside Tibet and take 2-3 years to complete. It will cover 65,183 square meters and the constructed area will total 330, 000 square meters.


 Construction of Gautama Temple

Qinghai News, April 22, 2014

The Heritage and Cultural Tourism Development Department of Qinghai Province has started construction of a temple called Gautama Temple. This is part of the Department’s plans for developing and constructing 26 projects with a total investment of Yuan 1.2 billion. Construction of the temple is expected to be completed in three years. It will have a Royal architectural style and is planned to become a hub of religious and cultural activity and an exhibition center.


Book shows biological diversity of Yarlung Tsangpo (Yarlung Zangbo) Grand Canyon

China Tibet Online, April 23, 2014

Released on April 11 at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, a photo album entitled "Eyes of Yarlung Zangbo" is based on a bio-diversity survey along the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. Undertaken as a 2-year (2010-2012) research project by Tibet's Biological Image Survey (TBIS), the album contains over 10 photos, many of which are of rare Tibetan species revealed to the public for the first time.


 New airport opened from Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to Lhasa

China.tibet.cn April 25, 2014

The new Yushu Batang Airport was operationalised in the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province on April 24, 2014. The first flight from Lhasa landed there that day. Liu Lizhi of the Yushu Tourism Bureau said “Yushu has abundant human and natural resources and its similar customs and religious culture will create a unique boost to China’s Tourism Treasure.” He added that the Yushu-Lhasa air route would allow more tourists to experience the Tibetan lifestyle, folk customs, religious traditions etc.



CCP Qinghai Provincial Committee’s Notice on Prevention and Punishment for Corruption

Qinghai Daily, April 9, 2014

The Qinghai Provincial Committee notified Municipalities, Autonomous Prefecture Party Committees, Provincial ministries, Provincial departments and units of each party and People’s Organizations that the CCP Qinghai Provincial Committee is going to implement the measures of work plan 2013-2017, which deals with creating a sound and clean system, prevention of corruption, and penalizing those who indulge in even a small form of corruption. The notice urged people to follow the guiding principles of the Party’s 18th Congress and its Third Plenary Session against corruption, adherence to the correct direction, and comprehensive deepening of reforms.


 Chen Quangou’s propaganda tour continues

Tibet news.cn, April 17, 2014

TAR Party Secretary Chen Quanguo visited the Lhasa Economic and Technological Development and Research Center in Lhasa’s Chengguan District on April 16. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the ‘spirit’ of the 18th Party Congress the Third Plenum and President and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches. He urged the staff at the Center to maintain stability, innovate new means of development and the importance of working as a team. He also visited the Tibetan Dream Carpet Co. and Tibet Yue Wang Biotechnology Co.Ltd. and conveyed the same message.


 Provincial Committee removes Mao Xiaobing

Qinghai Daily, 29th April, 2014

Mao Xiaobing, CCP CC Secretary of Xi’ning, capital of Qinghai province, was formally removed from his post on April 28, for “serious violations of laws and regulations.”

Mao Xiaobing was elevated as CCP Party Secretary of Xi'ning and appointed as a Standing Committee member of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee in May 2012.


Provincial Party’s ‘mass-line’ Education Campaign

Tibet Daily, April 30, 2014

Qinghai Province held its tenth ‘mass-line’ education campaign on April 28. Jianjun, Deputy Head of the Provincial Committee presided over the meeting. Provincial Committee Standing Committee member and the province’s ‘education practice leader’, Wang Ling Jun was among those who attended. The meeting discussed the progress of the previous campaigns and the work plan for the next ‘mass-line’ campaign.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that since the province started the second batch of educational practice, under the strong leadership and effective guidance of the Central Provincial Steering Group of the 11th Circuit, the individuals deployed for the campaign must demonstrate able leadership, study and listen to extensive views, implement solid and effective investigations and reforms.


Grassroot ‘mass-line’ campaign in Lhasa

Tibet Daily, April 30, 2014

The second batch of the Party’s ‘mass-line’ educational campaign is in process under the leadership of TAR Party Secretary Chen Quanguo. The campaign is intended to start from the grassroot levels of villages up to districts and to counties. The Party Secretary held special training sessions of the heads of the villages, branch secretaries, secretaries of student organizations and social organizations. The main aim of the sessions is to maintain stability in Lhasa. The grassroots cadres were updated with the theoretical knowledge needed for this campaign.

Teachers have been deployed to instruct counties, districts and villages. Starting from April 17, the teachers will instruct those attending for 16 days a month which includes two days of intensive training.


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