A Tibetan student self-immolated for Freedom in Tibet

A Tibetan student died after he set himself on fire outside a police station in Tsoe County in Kanlho prefecture on September 17  to protest the Chinese government.

Lhamo Tashi is the 132nd Tibetan to resort to self-immolation as a form of protest against China. Sources say that his protest was timed with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India.

“Tashi’s parents approached the local police station to claim his body but were refused. When they went the next day they were told their son had already been cremated. They were handed some ashes, which the police claimed were remains of their son,” a Tibetan source said. 

Tashi’s parents are Choedpa Tsering and Dhukar Tso, residents of Bora town in Sangchu County in Labrang.

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