A Woman in Ngaba self immolates in protest agains Chinese Repression


 A 40-year old woman from Ngaba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture burned herself down to death on Friday in protest against Chinese policies.The Tibetan woman, Norchuk, set herself ablaze at 3:30 am on 5th March, 2015  in a hay barn in her village of Trotusk in Ngaba county.She was a constituent of Dephu monastery and had recently taken a vow to become a lifelong vegetarian. Norchuk's body was cremated by the local government.Norchuk's death came amid a heightened security presence in many Tibetan areas aimed both at intimidating Tibetans who are celebrating religious observances during the Lunar New Year and at preventing protests on the coming March 10 anniversary of a failed 1959 Tibetan revolt against Chinese rule.

Ahead of the Tibetan New Year (Losar) on 18th February, large numbers of Chinese security forces were deployed in a bid to deter anti-China protests. The measures included checkpoints examining vehicles on major roads and police equipped with fire extinguishers and have fire trucks standing by to respond to self-immolations.

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