The official Global Times on April 12, 2018 published an article titled 'CPEC can build bridges between India, Pakistan through economic cooperation' in which it claimed "those most qualified to evaluate the impact and realities of the cooperation in the South Asian country are the people of Pakistan" and that "the project is considered by some Indian observers as a strategic tool of China to contain India's rise". Pointing out that "China has not established any military base in the South Asian country, although the two work as "iron brothers," it asked India to "take an objective view of the CPEC's economic achievements, which add to the evidence that the project is not aimed at India as an enemy". It added that "its successes make it more difficult for New Delhi to avoid its influence. It's time for India to think seriously about the B&R initiative and abandon its bias. The CPEC can be used as a reference point". It said "Despite ongoing rivalry between India and Pakistan, some observers in Pakistan have suggested that the country can invite India to join the CPEC" again asserting that "China has no intention of using the CPEC as strategic leverage against India. On the contrary, the CPEC is likely to help promote reconciliation between India and Pakistan by offering opportunities for economic cooperation."

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