The PLA Daily on June 23 reported that China has opened the bid to construct its first nuclear-powered icebreaker support ship, which according to Chinese military observers is a move to prepare for the construction of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The website of the China National Nuclear Corporation on June 21 opened public bidding for the nuclear-powered icebreaker ship.Bidders are required to participate in research, appraisal, building and testing of the ship, and provide technology support for the user. An anonymous military expert told Global Times that this is China's first nuclear-powered ship, which is of great significance to China's development of nuclear-powered vessels. Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, added that the ship's nuclear power unit is huge and can be applied to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier once updated, so it can be seen as a preparation for the aircraft carrier. Nuclear power technology will also be applied to other military vessels, which allows them to travel long distances, and thus protect national security and overseas interests.

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