The bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress on June 22 passed a resolution specifying the authority and responsibilities of the newly reshuffled China Coast Guard. The resolution, which serves as the legal basis for the Coast Guard, makes it clear that the force is tasked with cracking down on illegal activities at sea, safeguarding security and order of maritime operations, protecting the marine environment and ecosystems, regulating the fishing industry, and coordinating and training local governments' maritime law enforcement.
It also lists responsibilities mentioned in current laws that now belong to multiple government departments but will be assigned to the Coast Guard.

General Wang Ning, Commander of the Armed Police Force, said that existing rules on the Coast Guard's powers and responsibilities have become outdated and need to be modified for the force to carry out maritime law enforcement operations with the move from the former State Oceanic Administration to the Armed Police Force. He said the Coast Guard now has new command systems, operational mechanisms and coordination patterns.

The Coast Guard, which was established in July 2013, was affiliated with the State Oceanic Administration but also took guidance and instructions from the Ministry of Public Security. In March 2018, the Coast Guard was transferred to the Armed Police Force.

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