NPC Chairman Li Zhanshu delivered the NPC’s annual work report, which laid out the body’s priorities for the coming year. They will continue to deliberate the Civil Code. The legislature plans to work on eight laws namely: (i) Amendment No. 11 to the Criminal Law; (ii) Basic Healthcare and Health Promotion Law; (iii) Property Tax Law; (iv) Export Control Law; (v) Community Corrections Law' (vi) Civil-Military Integration Development Law; (vii) Veterans Protection Law; and (viii) Governmental Sanctions Law.
The NPC will also revise six laws: Securities Law; Officers in Active Service Law; Military Service Law; People's Armed Police Law; Organic Law of the National People's Congress; and Rules of procedure of the National People's Congress.
The NPC will additionally begin studying and drafting laws on Biological Safety Law and Yangtze River Protection Law.
The most talked about is the Property Tax Law. If the government ever introduces a property tax, it will have major ramifications for the property market and the larger economy. More importantly, it could also change the relationship between the citizens and the state.

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