South China Morning Post reported (February 6) that prominent Chinese intellectual Xu Zhiyong published an article on social media on February 3, in which he urged Xi Jinping to step down for his “inability to handle major crises”. He cited several examples, including the China-US trade war, the anti-government protests in Hong Kong and the coronavirus outbreak.He also called Xi’s political ideology “confusing”, his governance model “outdated” and said he had ruined China with “exhaustive social stability maintenance measures”.  Xu Zhiyong said “Seven years ago, I appealed to you to lead China to become a nation that respects democracy and the constitution, but in return I was thrown in jail for four years. And now, your men are still looking for me trying to throw me back in jail again. I don’t think you are a villain, just someone who is not very smart. For the public’s sake, I’m asking you again: Step down, Mr Xi Jinping.”

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