Well known Chinese Professor of Beijing's Tsinghua University, Xu Zhangrun, on February 5, posted a scathing criticism of Xi Jinping and the Chinese authorities in a 6246-character article captioned 'Angry People No Longer Fear', that has gone viral on China's social media. The article accuses the authorities in Zhongnanhai and specifically Xi Jinping of being out of touch with the peoples' needs and perpetuating an elite having so-called 'Red Genes'. It accused Xi Jinping and a "small circle of leaders" of creating a "state within a state and engaging in "big data terrorism". He charged that “The political system has collapsed under the tyranny, and a governance system [made up] of bureaucrats, which has taken [the party] more than 30 years to build has floundered”. He also accused the authorities of spending the "taxpayers' hard-earned for feeding the massive Internet police to monitor every word and deed of nationals". Xu Zhangrun said they have thus "stifled public discussion of all ideas of life, but also stifled social communication and early warning mechanisms that existed originally" and blamed this for the failure of authorities in Hubei to take precautions to control the epidemic. The article, which described Xi Jinping as a "political tyrant, declared "the people no longer fear" and declared "embrace, the Sun will eventually come to this land of freedom!"

(Comment: Xu Zhangrun had last authored a major 10,000-character article on July 24, 2018 which had ricocheted across China creating a stir among Chinese academics and students. This harder hitting article has similarly gone viral. Xu Zhangrun is not permitted to leave China and is not allowed to publish his writings freely in China.)

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