The Beijing-based think-tank 'Minzhi International Research Institute' on April 24, published an article on Sino-US relations by Megn Weizhan (孟维瞻), Assistant Researcher at the China Research Institute at Fudan University. The 'Minzhi International Research Institute' is headed by Zhang Weiwei, best known as an advocate of the 'China Model'.

Some of the main points in the article are: (i) Today’s China-US relations are rather dangerous.; (ii) It is an indisputable fact that no country, including the United States, can stop the development of China today.;(ii) "there is no doubt that we can achieve a great renaissance and may even surpass the United States. However, there is a problem of faster and slower development, and there is a problem of higher and lower living standards of the people."; (iii) "In the view of Americans, in the whole non-Western world, China is most likely to be transformed into a Christian country."; (iv) it is necessary to 'win over' America's leftists to improve Sino-US relations; (v) "In another 20 years, we will have no dependence on the United States. But today, we are dependent on the United States. Many people may not understand how serious the consequences will be for China once the United States immediately makes up its mind to "decouple" from China.: (vi) "Comparatively speaking, if we want to improve Sino-US relations, we are unlikely to rely on the American rightists. The rightists are mostly strategists, militarists and realists. Most of the leftists are propagandists, thinkers, liberals and literati. In history, there are leftists who are unfriendly to China and rightists who are also friendly to China. Even when the rightists are in power, they often actively promote the improvement of relations with China, such as Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush. However, today, the gap of interests between China and the United States is too large, there is no overlap, there are no common strategic interests. If we want to improve relations between the two countries through the American right, it means that we must make concessions on the political system and economic model. This will cost us dearly, discount the interests of the country and put the nation in jeopardy. This is impossible for us to accept. However, it is possible to improve relations between the two countries through the American left. The left focuses only on ideology. Over the years, their analysis of China is based on wrong values, so they have come to the wrong conclusion. It is precisely that we have taken advantage of their mistakes to win a "period of opportunity" for our own development and reduce the resistance to our rise. Now some people in the United States are indeed warning, "China must be contained immediately, or it will be too late!" Senior Chinese officials are also very clear-headed that they must improve Sino-US relations. "There is no reason to damage Sino-US relations."; (vii) "Sino-US relations are an overall project, and the essence of bilateral relations does not lie simply in foreign policy. The establishment of an exquisite ideological and strategic system plays a more critical role in safeguarding national interests.; (viii) "It does not matter who becomes president of the United States, the important thing is to ensure that there is a relatively strong force of "China expertise" in the United States. We cannot win over the rightists in the United States, but we can win over the leftists. The leftists are not such bad people, and they do less harm to our national interests. This means that we must improve our ideological strategy and deal with our opponents more flexibly and cleverly in order to safeguard our own fundamental political system and fundamental economic interests.; (ix) "If we unnecessarily magnify the panic of Americans about China, it means that the left will be more silent, further leading to the difficulties of China's development and rise, which is very likely to harm our own fundamental interests."

(Comments: The so-called independent 'Minzhi International Research Institute' is headed by Prof. ZHANG Weiwei (张维为,the best known as an advocate of the 'China Model'. After graduating from the Department of Foreign Languages of Fudan University in 1981, Zhang Weiwei  went to Beijing Foreign Studies University as a graduate student and then entered China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a translator. He successively worked as a translator for Li Peng, Wan Li , and Deng Xiaoping . He has been a researcher at Tsinghua University and Director of the China Development Model Research Center and Director of the Institute of World Chinese Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. On December 14, 2014, Zhang Wei delivered the keynote speech at the Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai entitled "Looking at the 'China Model' in Global Comparison" and this speech was edited as the short film "China Confidence". In May 2016, Zhang Wei participated in the National Symposium on Philosophy and Social Sciences held by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and spoke on theoretical innovation, the construction of Chinese discourse, and the construction of new think tanks on behalf of the field of political science. His books include: "China Shock: The Rise of a Civilized Country" and "Beyond China: Glory and Dream of a Civilized Country". The article can be read at:

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