The PLA Daily on May 5 published an essay on page 3 on the importance of financial security. The essay was titled: "We should guard against the "high explosive point" of the strategic game of the financial "chess game" and earnestly safeguard the national financial security" (警惕金融博弈这一战略博弈高爆点,切实维护国家金融安全 - 中国军网). The essay said 'Financial strength is the "strong backing" of national defense strength. In order to maintain the military's equipment level and combat capability, the total military expenditures of the United States have remained high in the past 20 years, often more than the sum of the military expenditures of the second to tenth economies in the world. The spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in the world will inevitably trigger a global economic recession, which will inevitably affect the overall financial strength of all countries in the world, accelerate the adjustment of national defense resources allocation in various countries, and promote the accelerated evolution of the global defense military strength.

The financial game is the "high explosive point" of the strategic game. The contemporary game of great powers has not only been limited to direct military conflicts, but also manifested in the smokeless war in the financial markets. The foreign exchange offensive triggered the Asian financial crisis, etc., which are typical examples of games in the financial sector. The spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in the world has caused dramatic fluctuations in the international capital market. Some countries have wielded the stick of the economy, and adjusted financial policies and passed on the economic crisis as a "daring vanguard" in political games and strategic confrontation. This has affected the already weak global economy. The situation is getting worse, and the international economic order and strategic pattern are facing unprecedented impact." '

(Comment: While the PLA Daily article highlights the seriousness of the economic situation and warns it could lead to serious internal social order problems, it also cautions that foreign powers may try and use it to gain overall strategic advantage by weakening economies of other nations. It appears to hint at US 'machinations'.)  

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