Taiwan's Central News Agency (May 6) stated that China's 'Thousand Talents Plan' (TTP), designed to attract overseas talent, is now not being mentioned.  on total radio silence. It said as late September 2018, the Chinese authorities had ordered the official media to suspend coverage of the TTP. A document circulated on the Internet entitled the “Thousand Talents Plan Youth Project Review Working Group” affixed with the seal of the National Natural Science Foundation of China clearly ordained that “the wording of ‘Thousand Talents Plan’ should not appear in written notifications.” It said China’s effort to keep a lid on the project is believed to be a response to the FBI’s probe into the TTP scholars that started in September 2018. 

(Comment: The Thousand Talents Plan is a short name for “China’s Overseas High-Level Talent Recruitment Program.” In December 2008, the CCP CC decided to implement the program. In January 2009, the Talent Work Coordination Group, a task force underneath the CCP’s Central Organization Department, formulated the “Opinions on the Implementation of the Overseas High-level Talent Recruitment Program.” Over the next ten years, about 8,000 overseas experts were hired with high pay, most of them ethnic Chinese.)

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