China's State Councillor and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi wrote a lengthy article in the Party official newspaper People’s Daily (May 6) discussing a speech Xi Jinping delivered at the National Conference on Public Security last year on May 7. Zhao Kezhi said that over the past year, public security departments all over the country carried out the spirit of Xi Jinping’s speech and the “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, Keep the Mission Firmly in Mind” education campaign. Zhao Kezhi then emphasised the following six points to guide “writing the new chapter in public security work for the new era”: (i) Unify knowledge with action and conscientiously enhance “political consciousness” (政治自觉), “ideological consciousness” (思想自觉) and “consciousness of actions” (行动自觉); (ii) Remember that “public security’s last name is the party,” and “resolutely adhere to and strengthen the party’s absolute leadership over public security work;” (iii) Strengthen the mission and resolutely maintain national political security and wider social stability; (iv) Adhere to fairness and justice, fully follow all requirements for strict, standardized, fair and civilized law enforcement; (v) Strictly manage police reform and improvement, and enhance the level of modernization of public security work without stop; and (vi) Strictly manage the Party and police, and focus on forging a “public security iron army” (公安铁军) using the “four ironclads” (四个铁一般). (The four ironclads define traits that can be found in all good cadres, which consist of ironclad faith, ironclad conviction, ironclad discipline, and ironclad actions).

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