The PLA Navy announced on May 13 that after delays in the training schedule due to Covid-19, the PLA Navy will resume training exercises in the area off Tangshan’s coast in the Yellow Sea till July 31. China’s first locally built aircraft carrier, the Shandong, and its accompanying vessels, will be tested said South China Morning Post quoting a military source with direct knowledge of the matter. The source added “The scheduled training of the Chinese military has been delayed by about three months, and now after the pandemic has eased to some extent, the PLA is getting back on track with exercises. And in the future, China will conduct more large-scale drills to improve internal coordination and to boost combat capacity.” Hong Kong-based military commentator Song Zhongping said “It’s quite a long military exercise, and it means that it is reasonably comprehensive. Given the location of the drill, the navy will be able to put its air defence, anti-missile and assault-landing skills to the test.” Song said.The second aircraft carrier Shandong will  n area off Tangshan’s coast in the Yellow Sea will be off limits to marine traffic from Thursday until July 31.

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