Amid rapidly worsening relations, US President Trump in an interview with Fox TV on May 14 threatened: “We could cut off the whole relationship.” The New York Times reported (May 15) that in a telephone interview Zhu Feng, Professor of International Relations at Nanjing University, said “In Chinese eyes, the Trump administration is trying to delegitimize Communist Party rule, and also stigmatize not just China but also China’s top leaders.” He added “China is also highly polarized. Some people just believe that there’s no way but to just fight back. But I don’t think so,” China “needs to be very coolheaded. “Heng Xiaohe, Associate Professor at the School of International Studies at Renmin University in Beijing, however, said in an interview “The rapport we speak of between the top leaders, so they can use good personal relations, has I think totally gone.”    Retired Major General Wang Haiyun, former Défense Attaché in Russia writing in (May 7) described the challenges confronting China as "unprecedented" and "very severe". He said, “We have to dig out those traitors who have been bought out by the United States and do its bidding.”    

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