China's central government expenditures approved by the NPC on May 28 are projected at 3.5035 trillion yuan, down 0.2%. The breakdown of important sectors of this spending is as follows: 172.176 billion yuan on general public services, down 13.3%; 54.305 billion yuan on foreign affairs, a drop of 11.8%; 1.268005 trillion yuan on national defense, up 6.6%; 183.272 billion yuan on public security, up 0.7%; 169.909 billion yuan on education, a drop of 7.5% (national spending on education, which includes local outlays, will increase by 5.4%); 319.651 billion yuan on science and technology, down 9.1% (national spending in this area, which includes local outlays, will rise by 3.1%); 121.618 billion yuan on stockpiling grain, edible oils, and other materials, up 1%; 539.943 billion yuan on debt interest payments, up 18.2%.

(Comment: The budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has reduced by 11.8 per cent from last year and that for Public Security has seen a marginal increase of 0.7 percent.) 

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