Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the Politburo's 20th Collective Study Session on May 29, on China’s newly enacted Civil Code, during which he emphasised the important role of the Civil Code in the “legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Xi Jinping stressed that strengthening awareness and implementation of the Civil Code is an absolute requirement for safeguarding people’s livelihoods and the development of a socialist market economy and economic system. Authorities must take into consideration the stipulations of the Civil Code so as to avoid infringing upon the rights of the people. He stressed the need to consolidate the Civil Code with existing laws and regulations and ensure continuous improvements to the Civil Code in responses to societal changes. In order to safeguard the authority of the Civil Code, Xi Jinping indicated the need to strictly standardise “fair and civilised law enforcement” and “improve the credibility of the judicial [system].” He called for the strengthening of theoretical legal research and the establishment of systems of theory and discourse with “distinct Chinese characteristics” so as to effectively implement the Civil Code and provide theoretical support for the development of China’s civil law system. Lastly, Xi Jinping exhorted all levels of the Party and government to take the lead ensuring the effective implementation of the Civil Code. 

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