Xinhua (May 26) reported that Chinese President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping attended the plenary meeting of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the People’s Armed Police (PAP) delegations to the third session of the 13th NPC. He appreciated the military's response to the coronavirus outbreak. According to Xi Jinping, the important contributions of the military “once again proved that the people’s army is a heroic force that the  Party and people completely trust.” He pointed out that efforts to continue national defense and army construction should continue in spite of the novel coronavirus pandemic, highlighting the need to “accelerate the preparation for battles, flexibly carry out actual-combat military training, and comprehensively raise the capabilities of our forces to carry out military missions.” He said the battle against the novel coronavirus served as a barometer for the effectiveness of the military’s reforms and placed new requirements for reform on the military. He exhorted the delegates to “complete the designated reform tasks on time” and, in response to the new issues problems surfaced by the outbreak, he “emphasized resolution [of new issues] using thoughts and methods based on reform and innovation.” Xi Jinping specifically pointed out the need to improve military medical research, strengthen national defense technological innovation, and cultivate talent—particularly through the “three-in-one” (三位一体) training system. The military should also “support local economic and social development and winning the tough battle against poverty and assist local [authorities] in doing well the work of maintaining overall social stability.” In conclusion, Xi Jinping called upon various levels of the Party and government to support national defense and military construction. Among those attending the meeting were Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice-Chairmen Xu Qiliang and Zhang Youxia, as well as CMC members Wei Fenghe, Li Zuocheng, Miao Hua, and Zhang Shengmin.

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