i) Main battle tanks (MBTs) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) attached to an armoured brigade under the PLA 76th Group Army were on exercise in a high altitude area in Tibet on May 19, 2020. 

ii) In another exercise, the PLA Tibet Military Command sent troops to a high-altitude region at an elevation of 4,700 meters at night for "infiltration exercises behind enemy lines" and tested their combat capability under a harsh environment. The Global Times quoted a retired PLA officer, who was deployed in high altitude regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region, saying (May 26) that nights in plateaus are very cold and the lack of oxygen at high elevations can cause problems for troops and hardware. He said 'infiltrating behind enemy lines and launching an attack at a hostile command center at night can effectively win a small-scale conflict with only one battle', adding 'that the surprise factor would play a significant role'.

iii)The Tibet Military Region Support Department organised a comprehensive support practice drill on May 20. It combined the transfer of wounded people and airdropped medical supplies to explore new methods of support in the plateau and cold environment. 

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