Xu Lin, Deputy Head of the CCP CC's Publicity Department released China's 4-chapter, 37,000-word White Paper on fighting COVID-19 during a press conference at the State Council Information Office in Beijing on June 7, 2020. The White Paper exonerated itself from any blame, saying "facing this unknown, unexpected and devastating disease" China "launched a resolute battle to prevent and control its spread". The main points of the White Paper are: “Xi Jinping assumed full command over the control efforts from the very beginning.” The paper also lists the key meetings that Xi led in this context.; There’s much emphasis on the speed with which the epidemic was brought under control within the country and innovation in the context of setting up temporary treatment centers; “As of the end of May, a cumulative total of 83,017 confirmed cases had been reported on the Chinese mainland, 78,307 infected had been cured and discharged from hospital, and 4,634 people had died. This demonstrates a cure rate of 94.3 percent”; Support for the WHO is reiterated and so are efforts to aid other countries. “From March 1 to May 31, China exported protective materials to 200 countries and regions, among which there were more than 70.6 billion masks, 340 million protective suits, 115 million pairs of goggles, 96,700 ventilators, 225 million test kits, and 40.29 million infrared thermometers”; China supports “weaker countries and regions,” including Asia, Africa and Latin America.  “China has actively participated in and acted upon the Debt Service Suspension Initiative of the G20. It has so far announced the suspension of debt repayments from 77 developing countries. In addition to the  medical supplies sent to over 50 African countries and the AU, and the seven medical expert teams dispatched to the continent, China will offer more assistance to African countries, and continue to do all in its power to offer support.”; On the politics of Covid, “China calls on the international community to come together, abandon prejudice and arrogance, resist scapegoating and other such self-serving artifices, and stand against stigmatization and politicization of the virus"; and reiterated the Chinese government’s position along with providing a timeline of events, asserting that “China has released information on Covid-19 in a timely, open and transparent manner as required by law. Strict regulations are in place to see there is no withholding of information, underreporting, or delay in reporting cases of infection.” 

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