China Digital Times posted the 20-minute recording by a retired senior Central Party School Professor Cai Xia that has circulated widely on China's internet through May 2020. Without directly naming Xi Jinping, Cai Xia’s speech sharply denounces Xi Jinping’s heavy-handed rule of the Party and country, and blames him for turning the CCP into a “political zombie.” In a scathing criticism, she asserted that "the Party itself is already a political zombie". She then accused "this one person, a central leader who has grasped the knife handle [police apparatus], the gun barrel [military], and faults within the system itself—that is: one, corruption among the officials; and two, the lack of human rights and legal protection for Party members and cadres. With these two grasped in his hands, he has turned 90 million Party members into slaves, tools to be used for his personal advantage. When he needs it, he uses the Party. When he doesn’t need it, Party members are no longer treated as Party members. He can easily put you somewhere and label you as a corrupt official." "But you can see what he is doing now: holding military power in his hand, holding the entire Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission and the police in his hands. Putting everyone under surveillance using high-tech tools. Who can come out and say “let’s solve this problem”? It’s impossible. Even at the Central Standing Committee meetings, we say majority rule, but does the majority actually rule? No."  Cai Xia called for Xi Jinping's removal saying that with such a move "external pressure will be eased". She asked whether "any member of the Standing Committee have that sense of responsibility to the Party and people? No. Right now, these people can’t even be considered politicians, I think they are just slaves under the command of one person. Of course, my words might suggest that the likes of Wang Yang and Li Keqiang are also included. Actually, they are in a tough spot. They have been doing whatever they can in their positions to minimize losses and alleviate the crisis, we’ve all seen this. Calling for the removal of Xi Jinping and his policies she said "If we don’t get rid of this person, we will witness the political system in free fall. We will wait for a hard landing, for society to collapse, and then start over. I think there is a large likelihood that that is going to happen. I personally think that by the end of this year, or the first half of next year, the economy will completely collapse. When that time comes, we will see what becomes of this country. Although we are feeling a lot of external pressure at this moment, he can probably still weather the storm for a while, because there is still money to squander. But when there is no more money to squander, when he can no longer bear it, when domestic conflicts boil over, then we shall see. So I think during the lifetime of our generation, within five years, we will witness China go through another period of major chaos. 

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