A Global Times article (June 17) noted that the Chinese Foreign Minister had pointed out to the Indian Foreign Minister during their conversation that "it was the Indian side that intentionally provoked and started a violent attack. He also expressed his opposition to the actions of the Indian side. It is hoped that India does not indulge in its sentiment, but understands the stance of the Chinese side". It said "We believe Indian society should wake up from its geopolitical fantasy, view China pragmatically and the two countries' border disputes. It will be significant for India to maintain a steady national strategy and also key to maintaining the stability of the China-India border." The article said "China's basic policy toward India is to keep China-India relations and the border areas stable. In the meantime, China resolutely defends its territorial sovereignty" adding that resorting to the mechanism for "sorting out border disputes and improving on it rather than destroying it is the only way out for the two to address frictions. The Indian side should never think about pushing China to make concessions because China won't. Moreover, China's countermeasures will never be late no matter the cost". It said "China won't budge in terms of the border issue no matter how India messes it up. A confident and capable China won't hesitate in its strategic decisions either". The article said "China and India must be capable of properly handling the border disputes. No ties between India and other countries can take the place of India-China relations. New Delhi can never unilaterally resolve the border disputes with Beijing, and it will never realize the prosperity it desires if its 2,000-kilometer border with China is repeatedly marked by clashes". In conclusion, it said "the Indian side especially must fulfil its promise and implement the consensus reached between the two countries. The border issue is the most sensitive part of China-India relations. Only when it is eased can the two engage in cooperation in a composed manner".

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