China is completing one of the biggest wheat harvests ever this month and the government is expected to purchase a significant chunk of the crop to prop up the price and keep its farmers happy. China's official media reports that the summer grain harvest is 90 per cent complete. "Summer grain" consists mainly of wheat that was planted last fall, stayed in the ground through the winter and is ready for harvest in early summer. Agriculture Minister Han Changfu estimates that yield is higher this year and the proportion of "quality" wheat is up 2.8 percentage points, despite the drought in some areas, warm winter temperatures, and worries about COVID impacts on-field management. Han Changfu said various levels of government spent 160 million yuan ($22.9 million) to prevent wheat scab, rust, and pest damage to the crop. China Grain Net estimates that the wheat crop will be about 2 per cent larger than in the last 10 years, but not as big as in 2019. The weather has been favourable and there has been no big rain in the wheat-growing region during the harvest. They think improved production techniques by large-scale farms also contribute to a big harvest.

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