The US-based Chinese-owned Duowei News reported that Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese official media "Global Times", tweeted on June 17, mocking the Indian army. He said, "This is not an army with real modern plateau combat capabilities." It quoted Hu Xijin saying in a tweet, "As many as 17 injured Indian soldiers were reported dead because they were not rescued in time, which reflects the serious backwardness of the Indian army's ability to rescue the wounded emergency. This is not an army with real modern plateau combat capabilities. Indian public opinion needs to be sober."

Duowei News also reported that Chinese military expert Zhang Zhaozhong said in the military media on June 19, that in the Sino-Indian conflict, unexpectedly, the main reason for a large number of Indian military casualties was actually the temperature, and 17 soldiers injured in the conflict because the temperature was too low and they froze to death. He said people "have to start to doubt the logistical support capabilities of the Indian army". Zhang Zhaozhong pointed out that "in theory, India is located on the southwestern side of the Himalayas. The altitude is relatively gentle and the climate is suitable. In terms of logistics and transportation, India has considerable advantages over China on the northeast side of the Himalayas. However, this Sino-Indian conflict led to the death of 17 Indian officers and soldiers. In addition to arrogance and overconfidence and the improper command of the commander, the more important reason is that the medical and material logistics have not kept up".

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