China's military media reported (June 26) that PLA Air Force aircraft had entered and exited Taiwan's airspace eight times in two weeks. It said in the southeast coastal area, between June 9 to June 21 in just 13 days, the PLA Air Force fighters carried out eight tactical trainings in the Taiwan Strait and the airspace south of Taiwan. It added that the frequency of activities has exceeded that of any previous period. Citing statistics from Taiwan, it observed that the PLAAF began to increase its frequency in the "Southwest Airspace" area of Taiwan Island from June 9. It listed the following 'training' flights: (i) on June 9, the "multiple Su-30 fighters" of the Chinese Air Force allegedly entered the "southwest airspace" of Taiwan's main island; (ii) on June 12th, one of our military's "Yun-8" (which may be a high-tech aircraft with Yun-8 or Yun-9 platform) entered the airspace in the southwest of Taiwan Island; (iii) on June 16 and 17, the mixed formation of J-10 and Yun-8 high-tech aircraft was dispatched; (iv) a formation of the J-10 and J-11 fighters was launched on June 18; (v) on June 19 and 21, our army continuously dispatched a large formation of J-10 fighters to the southwest airspace of Taiwan Island; and (vi) at noon on June 22, another J-10 fighter and H-6K battle bomber were dispatched.

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