Hongkong's Apple Daily and the Epoch Times separately reported some interesting data about the whereabouts of China's leaders in recent days. They said that since June 11, when Beijing reported its coronavirus cases, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) top leaders have rarely appeared in public settings. Apple Daily said people are wondering where they are and that, as a result, the country lacks leadership direction on several hot issues such as Beijing’s coronavirus outbreak, the flood threat in many provinces, and the border clash with India. The reports by these media are as under: 
Apple Daily reported on June 23 that though ten provinces in China suffered heavy rain and flooding since the beginning of June, no national-level leader went to any disaster area to check on the situation and on the rescue work.

Xi Jinping had only four publicly reported activities in the month of June:

Public Appearance – June 2: Participated in a panel discussion with experts and scholars in Beijing
Public Appearance – June 8 to 10: Visited the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Video Appearance – June 17: Participated in the China-Africa Video Summit
Video Appearance – June 22: Participated in the China-Europe Video Summit
Li Keqiang had two activities in the month of June:

Public Appearance – June 1 to 2: Visited Shandong Province
Public Appearance – June 15: Attended the “Cloud” Opening Ceremony of the Canton Fair 
Epoch Times listed the reported activities of the seven CCP Politburo Standing Committee’s Members one by one, in the month of June (till June 22 when the article was written), and pointed out:

Xi Jinping had two public appearances before June 11 and two video appearances after.
Li Keqiang had one public appearance before June 11 and one after.
Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the National People’s Congress, hosted a Standing Committee’s meeting of the National People’s Congress in Beijing after June 11.
Wang Yang, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited Xinjiang and hosted two CPPCC meetings in Beijing after June 11.
Wang Hu’ning, in charge of communist ideology and propaganda, participated in one video conference after June 11.
Han Zheng, Vice Premier, hosted a meeting of the Winter Olympics in Beijing after June 11.
Zhao Leji, head of the CCP’s Central Commission of Disciplinary Inspection, had no activity in the month of June.
The article suggested that all seven top CCP officials may be hiding outside Beijing. It added that Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, and Han Zheng might have come back to Beijing for a few days to host their meetings. 

Another Epoch Times report mentioned that top leaders held only a few activities before June 29:

(Maybe a video conference?) – June 29: Xi Jinping hosted a CCP Politburo meeting. Xinhua provided a report with only text but no images. China Central Television (CCTV) didn’t cover it, so this may have been a “cloud” meeting.
Public Appearance – June 28: Li Keqiang hosted a State Council meeting on stabilizing the export business. Han Zheng also attended the meeting.
Public Appearance – June 28 to 30: Li Zhanshu passed the Hong Security Act at the National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting.
Public Appearance – June 24: Wang Yang participated in a CPPCC Standing Committee meeting.

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