i) One of Demisisto's founding leaders Nathan Law told (July 2) the US's National Public Radio (NPR) that he has fled Hongkong in order to carry on his pro-democracy movement abroad. He did not disclose where he was. Demosisto and Studentlocalism have also announced their disbandment.

ii) Yin Zhaojian, a member of the Democratic Legislative Council, issued a press statement (July 3) stating that he was arrested by the police on July 1 and caused bodily injury. He was discharged on July 3 after treatment. Yin Zhaojian said he was suddenly snatched by the policeman and arrested without any warning. During the riot police officers sprayed pepper spray on him and pressed his chest, causing severe chest pain and angina, difficulty breathing, shoulder injury and broken glasses. Yin Zhaojian said that during the 48-hour arrest, he was locked up with his hands and buckled and confiscated his shirt, trousers, and footwear as if he were a repeat offender. A police officer continued to provoke words and even hindered the work of medical care.

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