PBSC Member and CPPCC Chairman Wang Yang visited the Tibet Autonomous Region from July 6-8, 2020. On his fourth trip in two years to TAR, he travelled to Lhasa, Shigatse and other places. Xinhua (July 8) reported that “During the three-day tour that started Monday, he visited villages relocated for poverty relief, pasturing areas, industrial parks and religious venues in Xigaze [Shigatse] and Lhasa, and presided over a symposium where he listened to suggestions from the attendees” when he "called for raising the social awareness of religious believers that they are, above all, citizens of the country, as well as the promotion of patriotism to further adapt Tibetan Buddhism to the socialist society.” People's Daily (July 9) said that those who insist on being Buddhist, Wang said “[We] must raise the Sinicization level of Tibetan Buddhism.” During his visit, Wang Yang emphasised it is necessary "to thoroughly study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on Tibet’s work and the Party’s strategy for governing Tibet in the new era" in the light of the "overall strategy of the Chinese nation’s great revival". He focussed on safeguarding the "reunification of the motherland and strengthening national unity", and stressed the need to "resolutely carry out anti-secession struggles, resolutely prevent and resolve major risks and challenges, and continually strengthen the foundation of Tibet's long-term stability". Emphasising that "ethnic and religious work is related to the long-term stability of Tibet" he said it is important to "study the history of the Chinese National Community" and "comprehensively popularise the national common language". He asked the officials to focus on "improving the level of Tibetan Buddhism in China, religious work, manage temples and religious activities in accordance with the law, guide the monks and lay people to firmly establish that national law is greater than the canon, and the religious consciousness is, first of all, a national citizen’s social awareness, pay attention to the cultivation of religious people and promote patriotism".  He said the "fine tradition of doctrine better guides religion to adapt to a socialist society".

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