The first meeting of the Ping An China Construction Coordination Group Political Security Task Force was held on July 6, 2020, in Beijing. The preamble of its agenda stated:

- The epidemic has swept at least 11 million people worldwide, and the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States ranks first in the world. Instead of acting responsibly, US  politicians have falsely accused China.

- 'The Black Lives Matter' protests in the United States continue in many places in the US. In the early morning of July 4, two female protesters were hit by a car and one of them was seriously injured.

- US also interfered in China’s internal affairs when the National Security Law of Hong Kong was announced and implemented in China. Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party authorities also made small moves by establishing an office to help dissidents in Hong Kong.

- After the conflict in the Galwan Valley in India, Indian Prime Minister Modi suddenly appeared at the border between the two countries; after 10 people were arrested for violating Hong Kong’s National Security Law, the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party asked the government to reconsider the plan of Chinese leaders’ visit to Japan; the Australian Prime Minister said It is "actively considering" to provide a "safe harbour" to Hong Kong residents.
Under the current global turbulent situation, safeguarding national political security has become a top priority. An important meeting was held in Beijing recently-the first meeting of the Safe China Construction Coordinating Small Group. Lei Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Political and Law Commission, served as the head of the special team. It is about the safety of the country and the well-being of the people. A few days ago, the Party Central Committee decided to establish a Safe China Construction Coordinating Small Group. On April 21, the coordination group held its first meeting and proposed in terms of institutional mechanisms that it is necessary to establish and improve relevant working system mechanisms.

(Comment: This is the first and only mention spotted thus far in an official Chinese government/Party document of the ongoing India-China tension along the LAC and conflict in the Galwan Valley.)

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