Lt Col. Khalid Masood (Retd) of the Pakistan Army wrote in 'The Nation' (July 13), that "The present Sino-Indian crisis can be attributed to multidimensional factors. The recent Indian annexation of Ladakh and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (OJK) territory by abrogation of section 370 by the Indian Parliament, ignoring pending UN Resolutions, has been strongly opposed by China and Pakistan. In addition, the Indian-US nexus for resisting CPEC in the west and domination of the South China Sea in the east is another major factor for China’s antagonism. As per media reports, in the western sector, PLA has captured the Galwan Valley heights and the northern portion of Pangong Lake –effectively dominating and cutting off the DBO road, rendering the Indian Brigade isolated. In the east, PLA is creeping forward on the Dhoklam Plateau in order to threaten the Indian Siliguri Corridor and cutting off the seven eastern Indian states. India’s endeavours to get its lost areas have resulted in serious casualties. Thus, India is in a really bad situation as numerous Indian efforts in the border flag meetings have failed and the PLA is not ready to move a single inch backwards". He then asked "The question is: how far will China go? Will it content itself with the gains it has got and consolidate the present position or will it further exploit this opportunity to kill the problem forever? The best action on part of China could be to adopt the latter option by exploiting its military gains and threatening the Siliguri Corridor at Dhoklam in the eastern sector while pushing forward in the western sector by capturing Leh and Kargil. A possibility of linking up with the Pakistan Army at Kargil would be worth consideration. This, besides ensuring CPEC’s security and rendering Indian troops at Siachen out of supplies, will also bring Pakistan at an advantageous position forcing India to the negotiation table for the solution of the OJK problem".

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