On July 9, China's Ministry of Public Security convened a meeting on mobilization for the new “Persist in Political Construction of Police, Comprehensively and Strictly Govern Police” education and rectification campaign, which included a speech by Ministry of Public Security Head Zhao Kezhi. Zhao Kezhi emphasized implementing the spirit of Xi Jinping’s guidance, the Central Committee’s opinions on political construction, and the ministry’s work meeting, strengthening the “four consciousnesses,” “four confidences,” and “two defends,” and 'closely centering on loyalty to the Party', service to the people, fair law enforcement, and strict requirements for discipline. He said that in its campaign, the ministry must focus on leadership at all levels and use “the courage of self-revolution and spirit of rectification (整风的精神),” work to further solidify loyalty, strengthen party leadership, improve its “political ecology,” and make stricter its goals for disciplined work style. Zhao also called for the ministry to address “impurity” of ideology, politics, organization, and work style, “get rid of bad apples,” purify its ranks, and ensure that the ministry’s ranks “provide a staunch political guarantee for earnestly carrying out the New Era mission and tasks entrusted by the Party and people well.”

(Comment: This meeting follows the launch of the new “education and rectification” campaign by the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission recently.)

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