Dai Yonghong, Director of the Institute of Global Governance and Area Studies at Shenzhen University, wrote in the Global Times (July 14) that by "echoing the US' attempt to decouple from China, India has recently sought confrontation with China in economic fields. Luring industrial relocations from China is one of its major purposes". He added that India will, however, "be unable to fulfil "the lofty goal" for at least five to 10 years due to its insufficient capabilities". The article said "Despite easing border tensions, India has not shown any willingness to stop hindering economic ties with China. Conversely, it prolonged clearance periods for cargo from China in June, and has banned 59 Chinese apps" and cited negative impacts like international logistics giants FedEx and DHL suspending shipment services between China and India and the latest industrial reports revealing that "smartphone sales in India slumped 30-40 percent week-on-week in early July, due to supply disruption caused by Indian customs clearance delays, according to Indian media the Economic Times". He said India's recent move has raised risks for global industrial chains amid the coronavirus pandemic and claimed that "Chinese supplies bound for India-based foreign manufacturers have reportedly also encountered clearance delays by Indian customs". The article said "Economic and trade cooperation between China and India had been increasing over the past decade due to strong economic complementarity, and China became India's largest exporter, meaning Chinese products maintain high comparative advantages and are attractive to Indian consumers. Going against economic principles and trying to seek substitutes for Chinese products will be fairly difficult for India. And it will be particularly challenging as India now has world's third-highest number of coronavirus infections. It has been reporting record-breaking numbers of daily cases. Containing the virus spread should be India's most critical task now before the country could reboot its economic engine". 

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