The People's Daily reported (July 14) that on July 13, central departments including the Propaganda Department, Organization Bureau, Political and Legal Affairs Commission, Cyberspace Administration of China, General Office of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, and National Legal Awareness Office published a joint notice launching a program of study and education about the national civil code. The notice called for study and propaganda activities on the civil code, “thorough study and propaganda of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important treatises on governing the country fully according to the law, especially the spirit of important directives on the civil code,” and study and propaganda on the significance of the code’s implementation, its basic principles, and its content. It said that the program seeks “innovation of propaganda forms” to construct a “dense atmosphere” of respect, study, adherence, and use of the code. The notice called for departments to create multimedia news propaganda on Party and media-affiliated websites, detailed “new media” plans, focused reports, authoritative interviews, various commentary series, and propaganda and activities for “modern platforms of dissemination” like social media. It also called for incorporating the study of the civil code into compulsory legal classes for leading cadres and making the study of the civil code a more substantial component of education on rule of law in elementary, secondary, and higher education.

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