An article in the Wall Street Journal (July 19) said that in its effort to stamp out dissent the CCP has reprimanded and, in some cases, fired teachers who backed anti-government protests in the city or supported the demonstrators on social media. It said public libraries have removed books by pro-democracy figures and that the law calls for heightened supervision and regulation of schools. Raymond Yeung, who was arrested at a protest last year, said he was told that, after four years teaching at the Diocesan Girls’ School, his contract wouldn’t be renewed. Citing government officials the report said about 100 teachers have been arrested in relation to the protest movement in the past year, along with more than 3,000 primary, secondary and university students. It said officials say they have received 222 complaints about teachers since protests broke out and have so far conducted 180 investigations and issued written warnings to or reprimanded 26 teachers. Others received “advice” or “verbal reminders.” About half the cases are still being investigated.

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