The People’s Daily (July 31) published three items on the PLA highlighting the significance of the Party’s control over the PLA. Lt General Liu Nianguang, Political Commissar of the National University of Defense Technology, stressed that “absolute loyalty must be rooted in the mind and more importantly implemented in the action.” Liu also called for increased focus on combat readiness across the board. Another piece by Hao Dong from the Central Party School’s Xi Jinping Thought research center talks about China being in a critical period and the PLA providing “powerful support for safeguarding of national sovereignty, security, and development interests.” Yan Xiaofeng, professor and a member of the academic committee of the PLA National Defense University, wrote: “The party is the supreme political leadership force, and must master the military power, that is, the supreme leadership and command power of the army. The chairman responsibility system of the Central Military Commission is the fundamental form of achieving the party’s absolute leadership over the people’s army. It is at the highest level and in the commanding position of the party’s entire system of leadership of the army.” 

The PLA Northern Command also organised (July 30) an event on the occasion of the PLA's 93rd Founding Anniversary where its Deputy Commander who is also Commander of the PLA Navy under the PLA Northern Command spoke on the theme of Civil-Military Integration.

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