Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in an interview with Xinhua (August 5) talked about worsening US-China relations saying, according to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA),“Ultimately, [some American politicians] want to drag China and the US into renewed conflict and confrontation and plunge the world into chaos and division again.” Reiterating yet again that Beijing wants conversation and not confrontation, he said:“China will not allow these people to get our way. We reject any attempt to create a so-called ‘new Cold War.” adding “We are ready to restart the dialogue mechanisms with the US side at any level, in any area and at any time. All issues can be put on the table for discussion.” Repeating that all subjects can be discussed, Wang Yi underscored China's "bottom line" that “[T]he US must abandon its fantasy of remodeling China to US needs.” Wang Yi also addressed the"Clean Network Programme" mentioned by US Secretary of State Pompeo and said “This is a textbook example of bullying. Everyone can see easily and clearly that the US goal is to keep its monopoly in science and technology but deny other countries the legitimate right to development. This not only violates the international rules of fair trade, but also hurts the free global market environment. I'd like to stress again that Huawei and many other Chinese companies, unilaterally sanctioned by the US, are innocent…[T]hey have never done any harm to any country.” Wang Yi added “The US is behind such scandals as PRISM and ECHELON. It conducts wire-tapping and mass surveillance around the globe” and that “The US is not qualified to build a coalition of ‘clean countries’ because itself is dirty all over (sic).”

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