China's first military hospital train was inaugurated on August 6, 2020 marking the opening of China's first railway line and railway station exclusively dedicated to the military hospital train. The train's two dedicated railway tracks are connected to China’s railway network through the adjacent Chongqing-Guizhou Railway.  The Xinqiao Hospital Railway Station is exclusively dedicated to the military hospital train and is located in the Xinqiao Hospital, which is affiliated to the PLA Army Military Medical University. The military hospital train in the new railway station can pull a maximum  of 19 carriages, with a holding capacity of nearly 500 wounded personnel at a time. It features large capacity and high speed, wide travelling area, adequate medical facilities and strong treatment capabilities. Multiple operations including surgery and first aid, intensive care, and remote consultation can be conducted in transit. China Military Online (August 6) reported that the military hospital train would be more adequate for the transfer and on-the-way medical support of the wounded and the sick and could further provide high-level medical and health services to other countries and regions along the route of Belt and Road Initiative.

(Comment: The train is assessed to be allocated to the PLA Western Theatre Command.)

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