Global Times (August 9) personally attacked Adrian Zenz and criticised him for accusing China of "detaining" Uygurs and other minority groups or imposing "sterilization" on ethnic minorities in its Xinjiang region. Saying Zenz has been welcomed by US and Western media as "a leading expert" on Xinjiang, it quoted Chinese scholars from a Xinjiang-based think tank, Xinjiang Development Research Center, as saying the so-called expert on Xinjiang is a far-right Christian, who is fabricating unfounded reports to slander China's policies in Xinjiang and cater to the US and some Western countries' aim of attacking China. They said Zenz's "reports" that have been cited and hyped by some Western media are full of lies, farfetched assumptions, and baseless accusations. It said Adrian Zenz, born in 1974, is a German who 'gives himself a Chinese name as Zheng Guoen'. He used to work for the European School of Culture and Theology and went to China's Xinjiang in 2007 as a visitor. It said now 'Zenz has been busy in shuttling between the US Congress, European Parliament and Canadian Parliament, making groundless accusations against China's Xinjiang policies to incite attacks and pressure on China by using the so-called "human rights problems of Uygurs." Global Times said "Zenz has never been a so-called "Xinjiang expert" but can be more appropriately described as an academic swindler and an attack dog of anti-China forces".

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