An article by Li Qingsi, researcher at the National Institute of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China and Deputy Director of the American Studies Center, in the Beijing Daily (August 13) personally and severely criticised US President Trump, including for not handling the Coronavirus epidemic competently, and said the U.S.'s "democratic system is the democracy of capital. The system was never designed to help the people on the bottom rungs of society. That the U.S. has two-party electoral system does not mean that it is democratic. The U.S. system is a manifestation of politics serving monopoly capital. Second, this so-called democratically elected government controlled by capital has become a spokesperson for capital interests". Saying "we’d have to say that money makes devils behave even worse. For a long time, the dominant position of Western ideology gave it ideological hegemony", it asserted that "Trump has exposed the deep ills of the Western political system. This institutional model in capital interests run roughshod over the entire country and even the interests of the people of the entire world is not only too much for the United States itself to bear but for the entire world to tolerate indefinitely. If we want to look forward to a bright future for humankind, we need to reflect on these contradictions, on “freedom and democracy”, on the history that lies behind our current difficulties and to criticize the profits-only orientation of capital".

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