The Global Times on August 12 published an article by Zhu Feng, Executive Director of the China Center for Collaborative Studies of the South China Sea at Nanjing University, which suggested that 'the China-US relationship shouldn't be kidnapped by US right-wing forces. Trump's utmost need of reelection has overlapped with the US' China hawks' selfish desires to advance moves to suppress China. These anti-China politicians have torn off their so-called democratic and rule of law masks in an attempt to drag China into a new cold war'. It added though that 'the US is not solidly united as one. The rest of the world won't sit back and witness the deterioration of China-US ties. The Trump administration's hysteria over China has backfired within the US. At the same time, the hype of a new cold war is not being supported around the world'. It also added 'China hasn't wanted to implement tit-for-tat measures in the face of Trump's anti-China campaign. Instead, it has refrained and given resolute responses which are responsible. This is in line with China's promise to maintain the world peace, prosperity, and stability'. Saying the US-China relations will become a more "acute and critical long-term strategic task in the future to maintain peace and development in the international order. In terms of diplomacy, the more China focuses on the struggle with the US, the more it must take into account rationality and creativity in bilateral and multilateral relations with other countries - as well as with regional and global affairs. Diplomacy is the "art of possibility," with an aim of reducing and avoiding conflict and confrontation among countries. It seeks to achieve strategic missions of peaceful development and sustainable growth with constructive and rational tools". It said in conclusion that "Maintaining cooperation with the US amid this current strategic competition will be the largest challenge for China since the reform and opening-up began. We must have a long-term vision and motivate Chinese society in this way. Perhaps it is this US wild pressure that is forcing China to mature more quickly as a major country". 

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