Chinese government Customs data shows that exports to India since January 2020 have fallen by 24.7% year-on-year to $32.28 billion. China's imports from India have also gone up 6.7% since January this year to $11.09 billion. Consequently, total trade with India has registered a slightly lower 18.6% drop since the beginning of 2020 to $43.47 billion. However, in July China's exports saw a slight jump to $5.6 billion, up from $4.79 billion in June 2020. Reuters reports, citing sources, that the Bureau of Indian Standards has in recent weeks delayed approvals for mobile phone components and televisions, jeopardizing the plans of firms such as Xiaomi as well as Oppo. Mint reports that India’s state-owned oil majors have stopped hiring Chinese tankers to ship their crude and petroleum products. The report says that China-flagged and owned vessels have been barred from bidding on tenders for chartering tankers to import crude into India, or export products such as diesel out of the country. It adds that state-run majors are also planning to ask oil traders and suppliers not to send shipments to India using Chinese vessels. But all of this is likely to have a negligible impact on trade since the use of Chinese tankers is limited and mostly for the purpose of LPG transport.

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