The Taipei District Prosecutors Office indicted three former legislative aides on August 13 charged for involvement in developing a spy network in Taiwan for Chinese intelligence. Chen Wei-jen (陳惟仁), Lee Yi-hsien (李易諴) and  Lin Yung-ta (林雍達) were all found to have obtained and attempted to pass on sensitive government material to China's Ministry of State Security between 2012 and 2016.

Prosecutors said that Chen Wei-jen Chen and Lin Yung-ta travelled to Macau in 2012, where they met up a Chinese intelligence officer, identified as "Huang Guanlong" (黃冠龍) and were instructed to set up a spy network in Taiwan in order to gather information for the Chinese security agency. The two worked as former aides to Chen Shu-hui (陳淑慧), who at the time had been a lawmaker for the Kuomintang (KMT) and is currently deputy mayor of Chiayi City. Lee Yi-hsien who worked as a reporter at the time was persuaded by Huang Guanlong to work for the network in 2014. He subsequently became an assistant to Chang Li-shan (張麗善), an ex-KMT legislator who later became Yunlin county magistrate in December 2018. Taipei prosecutors said the team provided the Chinese intelligence officer with the requested inside information of the National Policy Foundation's cross-strait forum in 2016. The network was tasked in 2017 to obtain personal health information of President Tsai Ing-wen at all costs. Prosecutors said the effort was foiled because the team was unable to hack into the National Health Insurance Administration data. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office said the three were charged with violating the National Security Act.

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