The Beijing Youth Daily on August 4 reported CCP CC Politburo member, Vice Premier and 'Leader of the Leading Group of the National Census for Poverty Alleviation' Hu Chunhua's visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). It said Hu Chunhua who went to inspect the on-site registration of the national poverty alleviation census, is "very familiar" familiar with Tibet work. According to Xinhua News Agency, after graduating from the Chinese Department of Peking University in 1983, Hu Chunhua went to Tibet to work as a cadre of the Organization Department of the Communist Youth League (CYL) Tibet Autonomous Region Committee. From then to 2006, he worked in Tibet for more than 20 years and served as an official of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee. Hu Chunhua was accompanied on the inspection by Ning Jizhe, Deputy Leader of the National Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation Census, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Director of the National Bureau of Statistics; and Li Xiaochao, Director of the Office of the Leading Group for the National Poverty Alleviation Census and Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics. Hu Chunhua visited Mozhugongka County, Dazi District and Chengguan District in Lhasa City to visit the village and inspect the census site registration work. Hu Chunhua also went to Nagqu City Biru County, Seni District and Gongga County of Shannan City to visit poor people in villages, learn about the poverty alleviation work, the 'three guarantees', and drinking water safety. On August 3, TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie met Ning Jizhe and his delegation. Wu Yingjie said that the autonomous region’s party committee and government have always regarded poverty alleviation as a major political task and the first people’s livelihood project, and implemented precise policies and joint efforts to tackle the difficulties of absolute poverty. He hoped that the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Bureau of Statistics will continue to care and support the development of Tibet, increase support for the construction of key projects in Tibet, the development of Yajiang water resources, foreign trade and statistics, and help Tibet establish a set of practical and comprehensive well-off system. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, People's Daily Online, Tibet Daily, CCTV, ifeng, etc. also reported on the visit.

(Comment: There have been a series of high-level visits to Tibet since May/June this year. 2020 is also the last year for achieving the targets set for the Poverty Alleviation Programme, which is one of CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping's flagship programmes.) 

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