In an article captioned 'The worse the colour, the better the inside' in the Guangming Daily (August 22), Shen Yamei,  Deputy Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the China Institute of International Studies, criticised US Secretary of State Pompeo for attempting to "resurrect the "ghost" of the Cold War by launching an ideological offensive against China" and said the history of the 20th century has shown that "once ideological disputes and power games are intertwined, the contradictions and conflicts between countries will be far more intense than usual and less easy to compromise". Stating that "American policymakers are rooted in "privileged" and "leadership" positions and love the unipolar world dominated by American hegemony. They are not prepared for the coming multi-polar world". Saying that despite US efforts the Chinese Communist Party had achieved great success in poverty alleviation and advancing new ideas and principles to overcome differences in political systems, Shen Yamei said: "Tensions in Sino-US relations have deteriorated, and the responsibility rests with the US's will". After the "new crown pneumonia epidemic, especially during the countdown to the US general election, the strategic competition between China and the United States has rapidly spread and escalated". Confrontation with "the U.S. has developed from a trade war and a science and technology war to a public opinion war and a humanities war" and the US Congress has passed bills and sanctions "to interfere in China’s internal affairs and constantly open up areas of strategic competition with China. On the other hand, in the same problem area, the United States has intensified its competition with China, escalated its confrontation, and increased its ideological offensive". Urging US policymakers to rebuild relations, the article said: "a basic point for the United States to return to the right path in its China policy is that it will have to admit that the rapid development of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people, and the Chinese nation cannot be changed by Washington with a label and a decision".

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