A report datelined (Lhasa, August 25) reported that recently, a special operations brigade and an army aviation brigade under the PLA Xizang (Tibet) Military Command jointly organized the first large-scale parachute drill in an unfamiliar area on the plateau at an elevation of about 4,000 meters above sea level, in a bid to further hone the troops’ joint combat capabilities. It said special operations soldiers assembled in the predetermined area in the morning with each carrying 25 kilograms of equipment and boarded two transport helicopters in six-member teams. When arriving at the parachuting airspace at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the members of the special operation jumped out of the cabin one after the other. The parachutes spread out in the air and the paratroopers landed in the designated area under the guidance of ground guides. It is learnt that this low-altitude parachute training is the first of its type to be conducted in China’s Xizang region in the form of multiple aircraft formation. In the future, parachute subjects with the real combat background will be added, including the long-range manoeuvre and airdrops, armed parachute, etc., with a view to further improving the actual combat level of troops stationed in plateau areas. Another report (August 23) disclosed that the next step will include long-range mobile airdrops, armed parachuting, etc. with actual combat backgrounds. The subjects further improve the actual combat level of the troops in three-dimensional offensive and defense, long-range penetration, in-depth attack, and emergency response in plateau areas, and continuously promote the rapid transformation of the troops to multi-functional and efficient manoeuvring in the whole territory.

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