On August 25, the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily, in three full pages out of a total of 20, published an extremely lengthy opinion that runs through a barrage of criticisms against U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as a response to his speech on July 23, 2020, at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California. The first two paragraphs read: “A few days ago, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo delivered a speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California. He totally negated China-U.S. relations, maliciously attacked the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and China’s political system, drove a wedge between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, and made groundless accusations on China’s domestic and foreign policies. Pompeo spread the ‘China Threat Theory’ in an attempt to provoke and piece together an international anti-China alliance and contain China’s development.” “Pompeo’s remarks, ignoring history and reality, are full of strong ideological prejudice and a Cold War mentality. Not only did the Chinese people condemn Pompeo’s remarks, but also rational people in the United States and the international community criticized and opposed them.” It then dug out 26 statements from Pompeo’s speech and ran a point-by-point rebuttal. The 34,000-Chinese-character-long article, if put into Word with a font size of 12 and normal margins, would be 30 pages long. The English-language China Daily (August 28 - September 3, 2020) reproduced a Xinhua report captioned 'Fact check on Pompeo's speech' as a full 5-page criticism of Pompeo.

Of interest is that the first two points in the People's Daily article were: 1. Pompeo: The Chinese people are not the same as the Chinese Communist Party. The biggest lie of the Chinese Communist Party is to speak for the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party fears the honest opinions of the Chinese people more than any enemy. Wrong!

  ◆The Communist Party of China does not have any special interests of its own. It always regards the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as its original intention and mission. It always represents the fundamental interests of most people in China, serves the people wholeheartedly, and insists on relying on the people in everything. Everything is for the people, the people are supreme in everything, and the people's interests are regarded as the starting point and end of all work. The Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to win independence, freedom and liberation, and has continuously made great achievements in the process of national construction and development.

  ◆The foundation of the Chinese Communist Party lies in the people, and the blood lies in the people. The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is the choice of history and the people. In the 99 years since its founding, the Communist Party of China has grown from a small party with more than 50 party members to a large party with nearly 100 million members. The Communist Party of China is deeply rooted in the Chinese people. It is deeply connected with the Chinese people and has always maintained vigor and vitality. As of the end of 2019, the Communist Party of China had a total of 91.914 million party members and 18.992 million applicants. It is the world's largest party that has long been in power in the world's most populous country. No one can turn a blind eye to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is endorsed and supported by the Chinese people. Palmer, the senior editor of the US "Foreign Policy" magazine, pointed out that the Communist Party of China has deeply integrated into the lives of ordinary Chinese people. "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China" is the common belief of the Chinese people. Trusting the Communist Party of China is the mainstream public opinion in China. 

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