In its 8 pm Focus programme on August 31, the state-owned CCTV declared that according to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s evaluation at the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum there had been "All-round progress, historic achievement" in Tibet since the Sixth Central Tibet Work Forum. He pointed out that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and with the strong support of the people of the whole country, the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in Tibet have united and worked hard, and solved many long-term problems that they wanted to solve but failed to solve.  CCTV said the 'five years since the Sixth Central Tibet Work Forum have been an extraordinary five years in the history of Tibet's development. This stems from the fact that the Party Central Committee has always attached great importance to work in Tibet. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, on the basis of summing up the successful experience of the party leading the people in governing, stabilizing, and rejuvenating Tibet, the party's strategy for governing Tibet has been formed in the new era. At the Seventh Tibet Work Symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping explained the Party’s strategy for governing Tibet in the new era with the 10 “musts”: The leadership of the Communist Party of China, the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, and the system of regional ethnic autonomy must be adhered to; The strategic thinking of governing borders and stabilizing Tibet first; maintaining the unification of the motherland and strengthening national unity must be the focus and focus of Tibet's work; must adhere to governing Tibet according to law, enriching the people and prospering Tibet, building Tibet for a long time, uniting the people, and consolidating Basic important principles; domestic and international situations must be coordinated; improvement of people’s livelihood and unity of people’s hearts must be the starting point and goal of economic and social development; communication and integration of various ethnic groups must be promoted; the direction of China’s religion in China must be adhered to and religious affairs must be managed in accordance with the law ; We must insist on ecological protection first; we must strengthen party building, especially political building.

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