Wang Xiaohong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) wrote an article in the China Police Daily on August 28, two days after CCP CC General Secretary Xi Jinping presented the flag to the People’s Police force and delivered a 649-character (in Chinese) speech stressing the "revolutionization, regularization, professionalization of the People's Police force". Wang Xiaohong exhorted Police cadres to study, propagate and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "important precepts", primary among which is to be more consciously clear and adhere to the Party’s absolute Leadership. He emphasised the "two safeguards" and the "two maintenances" as the highest political norm and fundamental political rule. Stressing the importance of building the ideological foundation of cadres and obeying the party’s command, he said it is necessary to resolutely eliminate the "two-faced" opportunist people. Wang Xiaohong also said efforts must continue to deepen the anti-separatism and anti-terrorist struggle, and strictly prevent and resolutely crackdown on the disruptive activities of hostile forces at home and abroad. Promptly after the publication of this article, the MPS and local police promptly began to study Xi Jinping's speech.

(Comments: 63-year old Wang Xiaohong's signed article, published just two days after Xi Jinping's speech on August 26, is important because it revives reference to "two-faced", or "double-faced", and "opportunist cadres, suggesting doubts persist about the loyalties of security personnel. Wang Xiaohong's article was publicised by the Beijing Evening News. Wang Xiaohong is a close associate of Xi Jinping's and their association goes back to when he worked with Xi Jinping in Fujian. He was handpicked by Xi Jinping to be the Director of the Secret Service Bureau.) 

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