Hu Xijing, Editor-in-Chief of Global Times on September 6 wrote an article contesting the charge that China is diplomatically isolated. Calling it a serious misperception, he said the biggest change is the change in the attitude of the US and its 'Five Eyes' allies towards China and the intensification of border disputes between China and India which has led to a hardening of India's attitude towards China. He claimed that China-Japan relations have eased and China's relations with major European countries are being strengthened. China-Africa relations, China's relations with many countries in Asia and Latin America are also getting better and better, and China-North Korea relations have significantly improved. China-Russia relations are at a high level. To show that China is not alone, he said when the UN Human Rights Council issued a statement last year on Xinjiang and this year on Hong Kong, only two dozen Western countries opposed China.  He said it is true that China has territorial disputes with some of its neighboring countries and claimed "this is the result of Asian countries' borderlines being in barren areas and not clearly demarcated earlier in history. China has negotiated land borders with most of its neighbours, including Vietnam. But we still have land or maritime disputes with India, countries around the South China Sea and Japan. But look at what happened with Japan and India. Japan has territorial disputes with China, South Korea and Russia, three maritime neighbours. India has land border disputes with China, Pakistan, Nepal and so on. Among China, Japan and India, China has negotiated the most successful border demarcation with its neighbours".

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